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Central control room

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The most important function of a driver fatigue monitor is to let the drivers understand they are actually in fatigue driving and raise their alertness level. Once the monitor detects the driver is drowsy, it will send a warning immediately to the driver.

Our aim is to reduce as many accidents as possible & help every driver drive safely. With the help of care drive’s driver fatigue monitoring system, we can able to provide safety & can able to gain the trust and support of various clients. We are an exclusive distributor of Care drive Fatigue Monitoring System which insists on independent development and customer-oriented management system, through which we can able to maintain our quality standards.


Product Installation

Installation Location:  Dashboard or instrument panel.

Fix the double-sided adhesive pad on the surface, then fix the host stand on the non-slip magnet with a double-sided adhesive pad. The installation position should be within 20 degrees of eye view of the driver’s normal driving sitting position. Adjust the lens to face the driver. The lens shouldn’t be higher than 15 degrees and shouldn’t be lower than 30 degrees towards the driver’s face. Insert the power adaptor into the cigarette lighter case.

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